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Kim Mair

Your family deserves to be protected against unexpected events. Our experienced agents are ready to help you and your family with a quote.

Kimberly Mair

Owner of Red Desert Insurance Agency LLC

About Us

We have years of insurance experience helping carriers and brokers provide solutions to their clients. Meet the team that makes that possible.

  • Kimberly Mair

    Owner of Red Desert Insurance LLC

    WGFPS partner for the states of Wyoming, Utah and Montana. She defines the work “professional” and provides superior service, competitive markets with cutting-edge technology. When not with her clients, you can find her in the country, exploring mother nature, implementing wild life management and giving back to the communities she serves.

  • Theresa Elkins

    Contracting and Client Services

    Theresa has been with leadership for 10+ years and oversees our broker experience. She ensures each broker appointed to our company has a smooth experience and is available to assist with any administrative need for you and your agency.

  • Jaime Calhoun

    Accounting and Commissions

    Jaime is the founder of WealthGuard and is our Chief Financial Officer. Jaime began her career early on as her father, Johnny Graves, owned and operated an independent agency in Nacogdoches, Texas. She founded WealthGuard with the principals of her dad, "provide the best experience to your clients and more importantly, get to know them".

Rest easy knowing you're safe.

In little to no time, you could qualify for a policy that could provide assistance for generations and help keep those you love safe.

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